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Hot Topic Presentations

Recently, Med-Eval was asked to supply a speaker for a group of adjusters.  After speaking to others at Med-Eval I was given a list of some of the presentations that have been arranged for our clients in the recent past.  That list is below.  We have arranged these for our customers and would welcome the opportunity to present to your adjusters as well.  These are at no charge to you and are in exchange for the opportunity to present our IME services to you as well.  

Happy New Year from Med-Eval

Here It Comes...

A fresh new year and the opportunity to do things better.  This is a time to reflect on past behaviors and performance and look for ways to improve.  It is as true for our business lives as it is for our personal lives. 

We would love to be part of YOUR  future.    

The best gift for an Adjuster?



Credibility And The IME Report

The credibility of an IME (independent medical evaluation) can be  increased by the use of Medical Evaluation Service providers.

Age of Injury Report

Age of Injury reports, which are used in workers comp, general liability and auto liability claim cases are becoming more and more popular.  This is especially true of the auto claims industry.

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