Age of Injury Report

Age of Injury reports, which are used in workers comp, general liability and auto liability claim cases are becoming more and more popular.  This is especially true of the auto claims industry.


What is an AOI or Age of Injury Report?

This report is a review of an MRI report and MRI images by a radiologist.  The radiologist will review the injury and track it back to a time of incident or injury.  The goal of the AOI report is to determine whether or not the condition is related or unrelated to the incident or injury in question. 


An adjuster will request these reports to assertain whether or not the injury is related to the claim.  The Age of injury reports are used in general liability, workers comp and auto liability cases,  But, these tests are most heavily used in auto claims.  This appears to be the case because there is less of a personal relationship between the insured and the claimant than you will find in a workers compensation claim, for example.  The AOI report can be performed without involvement of the claimant.  There is no appointment to be scheduled and no transportation to be arranged in order to have an AOI report completed for a case.  Therefore, they can be quicker and less expensive for the insured or payer.  In some cases, the AOI report can help the adjuster to decide whether a full IME is required for the case to move forward. 


The Age of Injury report will tell the adjuster whether the previous findings of the treating physician are related to the date of injury, not related to the date of injury or indeterminate.  This can be very helpful to determine whether or not the claim is valid and what steps to take with the case.

What, who and why?  Age of Injury Report.