The best gift for an Adjuster?



One thing I have learned working with adjusters over the past several years is that they could most definitely use more time.  There is so much to do on a day to day basis for each case, it can be overwhelming.  Adjusters are one of the hardest working groups of people I have ever met.  But, since we cannot slow down the clock, we are limited in our ability to help.


But, through delegation and proper use of vendors, you can actually get more time freed up to do your job more efficiently. No one can be an expert in Everything.  Using an IME service provider is one way you can reclaim some time.  The IME process seems pretty basic.  Schedule a doctors appointment.  Period done.. Not quite....


The first time consuming part of requesting an IME is doing the referral.  The forms are pretty short and sweet and not too time consuming.  But, you have to send over the important file information also.  This means you have to go through the file and pull out what is necessary to send with the referral.  As an IME service provider, we have local representatives that can come and pick up the files, and fill out the referral for you if necessary. 


Next, is the scheduling of the doctors appointment.  These appointments need to be scheduled in a timely manner.   Not only does an IME service provider, or IME company,  know which doctors do IMEs, they also know who returns phone calls if something is missing, who is quick with an adendum if needed and other qualities that can help or hinder the effective and timely return of a requested IME.  Oftentimes, this involved repeated phone calls and follow up for an adjuster. 


A claimant file can be riddled with useless, or repeat information.  We have a complete department dedicated to cleaning up medical records for each file.  Some doctors charge additional fees for larger or more complex files.  This department can end up saving you time AND money.  Claimant files are cleaned up by the removal of irrelevant data such as fax cover sheets or repeat copies.  Then, the files are recreated in a digital format. These records are kept for your future reference, or  a copy can be requested for the adjuster.


After the IME scheduled appointment there is still more time to be spent.  As a service provider, we have an account coordinator who then determines if the claimant attended the IME, notifies the referring nurse or adjuster.  They then retrieve RTW forms/IME reports, Addenda etc.. Whatever is necessary. That is a lot of calling and following up.  Adjusters have other items that they cannot delegate that demand their time and attention. 


Wait, there is still more to do.  To ensure that the adjuster or nurse requesting the IME gets what they need, we have one more process.  Our Quality Assurance Reps still have to go through the file. These are experts you can trust.  They are adjusters with ten to twenty years of workers' comp or liability claims experience or they are nurses with 5 or more years in workers' comp or liability.  These QA reps sort and tab the medical records, prepare the IME custom purpose letter, includes the proper RTW forms when needed, prepared addendum letters, reviews clarifications and acts as a liason between the provider and the adjuster.


Each IME submitted requires the involvement of at least 3 employees from our staff alone. They are each experts in their fuction.  Let us help you by doing our job, so you have more time to do yours.


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"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."

Dwight Eisenhower