Credibility And The IME Report

The credibility of an IME (independent medical evaluation) can be  increased by the use of Medical Evaluation Service providers.

This can be true in the case of an IME, DME, peer review etc.  


Credibility is effected by many things.  There are 2 issues that come to mind immediately.  Is the physician qualified to perform the evaluation requested and is the physician an objective source of this opinion. 


I see an Independent medical evaluation as a fact finding tool.  An IME may focus the adjusters energy in a more productive direction.  It can help determine whether or not the claim is valid, and to what extent the injury is compensable.    It is a very important step in the process of claim management.  The goal of an IME is to review the findings of a treating physician and their relation to the injury that resulted in the claim.


Using a physician that is currently still in practice is a good choice instead of using a physician that is in the business of supplying IME services.  When using a physician that only performs Independent medical evaluations, and is not currently in practice, you risk the perception that the physician will not be objective due to his/her dependence on the future referrals of adjusters and insurers.  The physician should have experience in performing Independent medical evaluations so that the IME reports are relevant and complete.  On the other hand, the IME services should only be a portion of the work the physician performs.  


Med-Eval certifies each physician in their panel for Independent medical evaluation services.  All of the physicians on our panel still have their own regular practice.  Our physicians are experienced in performing an IME in a professional and timely manner.