Hot Topic Presentations

Recently, Med-Eval was asked to supply a speaker for a group of adjusters.  After speaking to others at Med-Eval I was given a list of some of the presentations that have been arranged for our clients in the recent past.  That list is below.  We have arranged these for our customers and would welcome the opportunity to present to your adjusters as well.  These are at no charge to you and are in exchange for the opportunity to present our IME services to you as well.  

 If anyone is interested in one of these presentations for their claims department, or if you have a topic that you would like covered and presented, please let me know. We can arrange for a physician to come and address these or other topics.  This is a great opportunity to have a qualified physician come to your location and speak during your monthly, bi-annual or annual claims adjusters gatherings. 

In addition, we would love to hear your suggestions about current issues that could be addressed in this manner.  For your suggestions, or for more information, please get in touch with Katrina Paglierani by phone 800-809-5687 or by email 

A Sample of some of our past presentation topics: 

Anatomy of a Closed Head Injury 

Achieving MMI from Psychiatric Treatment Precipitated by Work Related Injuries and/or Events 

Psychological Aspects of Injuries and Claims 

Lumbar Radicular Injuries, Evaluation, Treatment and Management 

Advances in Treatment for Traumatic Injuries of the Upper Extremity 

Tempomandibular Joint Disorders 

Chronic Pain and Return to Work 

The IME from the Perspective of the IME Physician - personal favorite! 

Shoulder Injuries in Workers' Compensation - Evaluation, Treatment and Management 

Putting the CONSERVATIVE Back into Conservative Back Pain Care

Evidenced Based Practices for Interventional Pain Management 

Chiropractic Treatment: Medical Necessity and Appropriateness 

Recent Advances in Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee and Mechanisms of Knee Injuries 

Current Treatment Options for Cervical and Lumbar Injuries 

Evaluation, Treatment and Management of Work Related Foot and Ankle Injuries 

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Evaluation, Treatment and Management 

Clinical Overview of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, With an Overview of Workers Compensation in WV